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Home Construction
Home Builders and Building in Fort Myers Fl

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I talk with a builder or decide on plans first?

Builders cannot give precise estimates without a set of blueprints, but we can provide a cost estimate based on price per square foot.  This ballpark estimate can assist you in determining the next step.

How should I analyze competitive bids?

Remember that less is not always better since a very low bid would raise the question of what quality are the materials and workmanship which that builder uses.

What’s the length of time involved in building a new home?

Most new homes are completed within a 6-month time frame. A reasonably good estimate is 120 days from the start of framing.

What are the major steps?

First you choose a floor plan and a lot. Next a contract is executed.  After your attorney approves your contract, we meet and draw up the blueprint or use already established home plans.  Then the building begins.

How do we incorporate our ideas into the new home?

You can find pictures of homes you like. Let us know your thoughts and ideas.

What inspections are involved in the process?

Your home is inspected from time to time for code compliance – at the very end of the process, a building-code official completes a final inspection and issues a certificate of occupancy (C.O.)

What are the steps involved in building plans?

If you have found a house plan that meets your needs and suits the lot that you plan to build on, purchasing a study set can be an interesting way to begin.

Study set: A study set of plans includes floor plans and elevations only. Their purpose is to help you decide if the home you have chosen will fit your budget.

Construction sets: This includes 3 to 8 sets of plans which include all exterior views, dimensioned floor plans, and plans for the roof and foundation. These contain sufficient detail for us to proceed.










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