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Traditional Home Construction

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Home Constructions and Building in Fort Myers Fl

Traditional Home Construction in Fort Myers

You want a home of simple and classic design – a traditional style home to be exact.  BCGI has the selection of floor plans to meet your criteria.

It may be a cozy Cape Cod that your family has always wanted, a simple one-and-a-half story home with dormers.  The exterior is covered in shingles or clapboard.  The double-hung windows are shuttered.  It is reminiscent of our early settlers.

Your choice may be a larger Colonial style home plan. The interior would have detailed moldings, a fireplace or two, paneled doors and a center hall entrance.  They can be two or three stories with gabled roofs and columns.  The exterior would be brick and/or wood.

Should you desire an even more stately home, BCGI would furnish Georgian home plans.  This elegant design, dating from 1720, named for King George, is known for its strict symmetry.  The exterior would usually have a paneled front door, topped with rectangular windows and capped with a crown supported by pilasters.  The twin chimneys would add to its symmetry and elegant style.

Some ranch style homes are considered traditional – they may be one story, split level or “rambling.”  They are usually constructed with brick and wood.  BCGI’s designs or your very own designs can be used to build your traditional style home.

Home Constructions
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