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Home Builders and Building in Fort Myers Fl

Home Design in Fort Myers

It is time to choose the design of your new home.  BCGI will enable you to choose the design that best suits your needs and tastes.

You may be fond of a classic simple design such as a popular American Colonial or Craftsman style.  You may consider a Colonial.  It is usually two stories, with a center hall entrance and symmetrical facades and gabled roofs.  Also considered a classic is a Cape Cod design.  They are usually one story with dormers.  They have simple shuttered exteriors with little ornamentation.  If you desire a more elegant design, then a Georgian house design may be your choice.  They are characterized by their proportion and balance.

You may want to investigate the possibility of a ranch home.  It is typically a one-story or split-level design.  Asymmetrical shapes are common, with low-pitched roofs.

If your taste runs to a more sophisticated design, then European home designs such as Alpine Chalets, Old World and Renaissance style Chateaus or a two to four story Mediterranean style design may be chosen.

Living in Florida, you may have a desire for a typical Key West style home with a wrap-around veranda.  This would enable you to experience all that the wonderful Florida lifestyle has to offer.  No matter what design you choose, BCGI will ensure your choice will be built to meet all of your expectations.

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