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Home Builder Reviews in Fort Myers

To learn about our reputation, just ask us for examples of our recently built homes.  You can drive by homes that we have built to see that they are visually appealing.  We suggest you take a notebook and record personal impressions.  We’d be glad to respond to any inquiries.

We suggest you look at new homes whenever possible to get ideas for your custom home.  Home shows and open houses will give you strategies that you can use – how to use space, flooring possibilities and design features.  Remember to inspect the quality of the construction and find cabinetry, carpeting, and paint combinations that appeal to your tastes.

Always ask questions and base them on your needs – for example, as more homeowners work from home, consider researching house plans that include an office or study.  Once you’ve decided on the basics, then it’s time to proceed.

You should study all aspects of quotes – the description of the work, specifications (materials), deposit and payment milestones, price, and the project schedule.  BCGI will review all of this information with you before proceeding so that you can see the overall strategic plan.

Home Builders
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