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Constructing a new house is a creative challenge – and we at BCGI excel at that opportunity.  Our reputation in the community for the last 30 years is one we take pride in.  Dreaming is a form of planning. We’re thankful to our clients who allow us to pursue our passion – moving from plans to building your dream.

Our Beliefs
Our values as a company are very fundamental and very deeply held.

Quality - Our expertise extends to each phase and every aspect of the building process. Materials and workmanship is held in high regard.  We prioritize and schedule your project. We build them like they used to build them.

Communication – We begin a home construction or remodeling project by looking at the design process – we sit down with you to discuss your lifestyle and how you will use your new home. Do you do a lot of entertaining? Are the outdoor living spaces extremely important for your family? We provide you and your family an assured, safe and healthy future in your dream home.

We Go The Extra Mile - We work with you to define your vision for your new home. We use our knowledge of quality and energy efficiency to give you a home with resale value as well as energy efficiency.  We orient your home to scoop in cool air and spread light.  We use materials that make your home environmentally friendly.  We provide open design layouts to reduce construction costs.  We use extra insulation to keep energy costs down.

Honesty & Integrity – Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside, and that’s how we’ve operated for 30 years.

We guarantee our team will design and build your dream home in whatever style you imagine - exactly how you want it, detail by detail – that is our guarantee.










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